Day in the Life of a College Student and Blogger

What's in my blogging bag and daily schedule- Managing a full time job and a side hustle can be very tiring, but so rewarding. While I always have stuff to do, I wouldn't change anything! Read more to find out my daily schedule and my I always have in my blogging bag!

It seems as if a lot of millennials are hustling in order to make their dreams a reality.  If there was one title I would refer to myself (and every other girl out there making her dreams come true) it would be girl boss.  Just because I am not the owner of some multi-millioextrn dollar company doesn’t mean I can’t be considered a girl boss.  To me, being a girl boss means that I am not going to settle for anything less than what I want. Ever.

What's in my blogging bag and daily schedule- Managing a full time job and a side hustle can be very tiring, but so rewarding. While I always have stuff to do, I wouldn't change anything! Read more to find out my daily schedule and my I always have in my blogging bag!

As a college student and blogger, I know what it’s like to have a full time “job” and still work extremely hard on my side hustle (blogging).  People regularly ask me how I am handling engineering school and maintaining a blog at the same time.  There are also others who don’t really understand what all goes into blogging, so they don’t understand why I get stressed at times. Well, friends, today I am going to show you a typical day in the life of a college student and blogger.  Although school is over for the semester, I am working full time during the week, so this schedule will pretty much stay the same. Also, please keep in mind that this is just a general day in the life and since life is always unexpected, these tasks may vary.


How I Maintain My Clear Skin

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How I Am Taking Control of My Acne- Acne and sensitive skin have always been an issue for me, and has lead to a lot of self confidence issues. After trying many different products and skincare lines, Paula's Choice is definitely an awesome line to maintain a healthy appearance!

Acne has been one of my greatest struggles since high school, which is why I’m likely to try anything that could possibly clear up my breakouts.  From drugstore skincare lines to prescriptions, my face has seen it all.

You see, my face has some of the most acne-prone skin I know of.  While my skin isn’t extremely sensitive to perfumes or many ingredients, it does get mad when I don’t clean it thoroughly and get all the gunk and bacteria off it each night. Because of this, I am aware that having a complete skincare routine that will maintain the health and appearance of my clear skin is essential.  This is why I was so pumped to be able to try out my own customized line from Paula’s Choice.


Kimono Style

Kimono Style- With kimonos being a huge trend for the summer, I want you to know that you don't need to purchase an entirely new wardrobe to go along with this piece. There are so many items in your closet that will go with a kimono, so just test them out! You'll save a lot of money.

A trend that I am more than thrilled about for this summer is throwing on a kimono.  They add so much to an outfit, but don’t weigh you down in those warmer months.  My friends also love having bonfires throughout the summer, so I’ll be keeping a kimono in my car for those cooler nights too.  Today, I have partnered up again with Seaside Boutique to share a couple of my kimono style and how you can wear your own! And if you stay ’til the end you may get a discount to go shopping! (:


How I Don’t Spend a Fortune on Clothes

How I Don't Spend a Fortune on Clothes- Wearing trendy clothes and being in style doesn't mean you need to empty out your wallet! I'm sharing where I shop to find the best deals on clothes

When I first decided to start make the transition into  sharing more about fashion, there was a short moment when I doubted myself because I don’t spend a ton of money on my clothes (thank you, college).  However, that thought quickly left my mind, because in reality most of you really don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes anyway.  Even if you have the money to spend, why wouldn’t you want to save it and be able to use it somewhere else (like, maybe more clothes or traveling?!)  So now I am excited to share how I don’t spend a fortune on clothes!

How I Don't Spend a Fortune on Clothes- Wearing trendy clothes and being in style doesn't mean you need to empty out your wallet! I'm sharing where I shop to find the best deals on clothes

I used to love shopping at the mall at stores like Forever21 and Charlotte Russe.  I’m not going to lie, they do have some adorable clothes.  However, when I’m shopping at these stores, I still don’t feel like I am buying clothes that others won’t have since they sell multiples of the same shirt in store and online.  


Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

10 Beauty Tips Every Girl Needs to Know- I your mom forgot to tell you any of these important beauty tips, I am here to help! There are so many things women can do to improve their health and appearance, but these are the ones my mom and I swear by and think you should know too!

Living a balanced life is something that I strive for and keeping my skin looking healthy is no exception.  As I have said many times, life is more than what you look like, but if the health of your skin, and appearance in general, gives you confidence, what’s so bad about doing things that are good for it?!

Throughout the years, there are so many beauty tips that my mom has told me that I feel should be common knowledge to every girl, which is why I am sharing these 10 beauty tips every girl should know!


Talk Over Tea: Why I Hate Technology

I am really excited to share with you today this new type of post that I plan on writing every so often. I’m not one to share my goals too much, but since I do consider you a close friend, I want to share what’s going on in my life here and there (given that something exciting actually happens…) The theme “talk over tea” came from the fact that I am crazy for tea, and typically when I am catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in a while it’s usually at Starbucks or a random coffee shop.  Chelsie (from Hey There, Chelsie) used this idea for one of her update posts and I really enjoyed the conversation feel. So friend, order your tea and I’ll be waiting here with my chai so we can chat away (:

Why I Hate Technology- Currently, it seems as it people are attached at the hip to their cellphones, I know I am. Turns out, this could actually be to your disadvantage when a change rolls around. Here's my story about why I hate technology

Yes. I said it. I hate technology.  I see you guys as my closest friends, because you know, you read (and hopefully care) what I have to say and I also love reading your feedback in the comments! Therefore, we’re going to get a little more real today as I tell you about the latest change in my life and why I hate technology and how much it is integrated into our lives.


Music-Inspired Decor

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Music Inspired Decor- Music is such a huge part in everyone's lives and it seems as if we couldn't live without it. I know I couldn't because it has such a power to make me feel better when I am down or amp me up for a girls night out! Check out how I decorate my place with music.

Music is something that can instantly alter or supplement any mood I’m in.  When I’m sad, I can listen to happy music to make me feel better.  When I am getting ready for a girl’s night out I listen to some upbeat pop songs to get me amped up for the night.  Although I am not a music major (nor can I hold a tune to save my life), I still value music and love how it makes my life more enjoyable, so I can’t get enough of music-inspired decor.


How to Create a Boyfriend Approved Movie Night

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Boyfriend Approved Movie Night- Creating a date night that interests both you and your boyfriend can be a challenge at times, which is why I am sharing one of my favorite summer date night ideas!

Date nights in are some of my favorite dates. Not only does it allow me to talk whenever and how much I want (which is pretty often…) but Cory and I can watch the movie on our own time and actually have comfortable seats during it. Although movie nights seem to be more a “winter” date night, there’s so many ways to tweak them to fit the summer time and warmer weather, which also helps create a boyfriend approved movie night.


9 Things You Miss About High School

Lately, I have been all kinds of nostalgic thinking about all the things you miss about high school. Seeing pictures of high school friends pop up on my Facebook timeline makes realize all the things you will miss about high school after graduation. It also makes me regret wishing away high school so quickly.  I have also been reading and hearing about how other people are missing so much about college…but wasn’t high school really the best and easiest part of our lives?

Things I Miss About High School- Everyone always say how much they miss college, but what about high school? High school was really the time that we had so much freedom to enjoy life and do whatever we wanted. From hanging out with friends everyday to actually enjoying the summer, there are so many things to miss about high school!

High school is a time when many of us come into our own, with still many awkward phases showing up.  We find our friends, where we belong, and what makes us unique.  While we changed so much throughout those four years, the memories will always be planted in our brains (and hearts). From your first kiss to your first heartbreak, high school is a time not to be forgotten by anyone.

Being out of high school almost four years now has really allowed me to see how great it actually was.  Summers were so much less stressful with part-time jobs instead of internships, and everything was generally more care-free. Regardless of how much you don’t like school, there are so many things you miss about high school.


The Journey Toward Self Confidence + GIVEAWAY

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The Journey Toward Self Confidence- Being confident in your own skin is something that many women struggle with. Today, I'm opening up about my issue with self confidence and how I'm learning to be more comfortable in my own body!

Women everywhere, no matter their age experience issues in their self confidence level.  Though these issues vary in magnitude depending on the woman, they are still present.  I think it is really interesting that as women, we are constantly trying to boost each other’s confidence, yet we lack it ourselves.

I saw a post about self confidence a while ago written by one of my good friends, Chelsea from Inspiration Indulgence, and it really inspired to my talk about my journey toward self confidence. At first, I thought about writing a guide to being confident, but then I realized that there isn’t a straight forward guide to helping others feel better about themselves.  Therefore… in an attempt to help others learn how to be more confident in their own skin, I’ll share my journey toward self confidence and what I’m currently working on!